Rusty start to Splat Zones

24th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Back in A+! Let's hope I don't get petulant and whiny because I get splatted within 10 seconds of the start of the first battle in the evening. I'm probably just a bit rusty.

I'm going with the Dual Squelcher today, as its range should come in handy for the Splat Zones, as should its Echolocator. That is, if I get a chance to shoot ink at the Splat Zones. That Inkzooka didn't hit me! Then again, they never seem to.

As is often the case, I forget about my range advantage and rush in to close-quarter encounters. Bad Tiger Ears, do you ever learn? Sometimes! Like when I manage to squid up to the Inkzooka and splat him. Or maybe that's luck. But good luck!

At least I get a bunch of splats by the end of the battle, rather than just getting splatted a whole lot myself.

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