A little bit of Turf War

26th August 2016 – 7.00 am

More Turf War! The Splattershot Jr for me this time, with my natty new hat. I'm looking pretty fresh, this is going to be a good battle.

I ink turf to ink turf, but also to charge my Special. Once charged, it's up to the top to engage the pink team. I pop my Bubbler in anticipation, which causes a threatened reaction in an inkling. He nearly evades, me, becuase I'm not that good, but I get my splat in the end, following up with some good evasion and follow-up of my own against the charger.

More ink to be turfed, another Bubbler charged and popped, but rather than chase an inkling I may not catch I use my invulnerability to ink more turf. Seems about right in Turf War.

I really like Flounder Heights as a map, and always want to make best use of all the levels and walls. And sometimes make use of them when it isn't the best option. Either way, I have a load of fun.

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