Sloshers assemble in Splat Zones

29th August 2016 – 7.00 am

Time to try a new weapon. It's Splat Zones again in Ranked battles, which seem to be coming up pretty often these days, which means spreading lots of ink around. I could use the Splatterscope, or the Dual Squelcher, or even the Splattershot Jr, but today I think I'll give the Slosher a go. Not the Tri-slosher, which I have had fun with before, but the original model.

A quick blast on the practice range reminds me that its range is not as limited as the Tr-slosher, which is what I am after, but the spread is less, which is fine. Lots of ink at medium range sounds fine for Splat Zones. And it seems that a slosher of some kind is a good choice today, with mine being one of three on our team. We'll be unstoppable! Probably!

I also give some super-jump gear a go. Being able to get in to the heart of battle quickly seems good, most of the time, but also the ability to jump back out to base. That's if I ever remember to use super-jump, as I have tended not to mostly. Or, at least, been conditioned not to super-jump by all the ambushes I've jumped in to.

I couple the quick super-jump gear with stealth super-jump, thinking they will balance out. Sadly not. When I am seemingly stuck in that corner, I am actually trying to super-jump back to base. The stealth super-jump slows down the initiation, whereas the quick super-jump speeds up the time in the air. Ah well.

Even with this lack of synergy in my gear, I quite enjoy the Slosher and super-jumping. I get a number of splats, get splatted, and cover a lot of turf with ink. Not a bad start. I think I'll still with this equipment.

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