Splatting in extra time in Tower Control

30th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Let's stick with the Custom Blaster for now in Tower Control. Hopefully it will work just as well on Piranha Pit as it does on other maps.

I quite like the route the tower takes in Piranha Pit. It makes for a good battle with lots of tension, without sacrificing the availability of different flanking routes.

Splatting the Inkzooka just after the Special ends was fun, particulalry as it happened just after I reclaimed control of the tower. And I'm not sure if I remember the Custom Blaster has the Point Sensor as a sub when I first use it, maybe thinking instead it has a Splat Bomb. But never mind, I get used to it and try to my advantage.

Getting out of the way of the Inkzooka, then a planted Ink Mine on the tower, only to drop on to a second Ink Mine and gets splatted was bad luck. But getting the tower back to end extra time is satisfying.

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