Hard-fought Rainmaker

3rd September 2016 – 7.00 pm

After the Rainmaker dunking on Camp Triggerfish, I think about calling it a night, ending on a high note, and all that. Instead, I decide to keep playing, but with a different weapon. I choose the Custom Dual Squelcher, hoping I can make some use of the Killer Wail, and maybe remember to plant a Beakon or two as well.

The first yellow-team push is repelled, albeit a little too late, as I can't quite guide my Dual Squelcher ink accurately enough from range. But we get the Rainmaker back, and I divert my attention from inking the central zone to making a path for my squidmate. We stall, which is only to be expected, but keep the Rainmaker nicely in the yellow territory.

I actually get some splats with the Killer Wail, which is good. They probably helps us a bit too, although not enough to take the lead directly. The yellow team finally gets another advance in to our territory, just as the clock ticks down, and the yellow inkling does a victory squidding.

That may be a little premature, though, as my squidmates catch up to him, reclaim the Rainmaker, and make one last push in extra time.

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