Badly frustrating Tower Control Win

4th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

The battle starts like a typical S-Rank Tower Control battle, with me getting stomped. I'm starting to feel pretty helpless, and on a couple of occasions think about just putting the gamepad down and relaxing. No one gets on the tower for over 40 seconds! Apart from me, and that was probably a mistake.

Maybe I should learn from this. But even when I try to be cautious and use my weapon to its ability, I get splatted. It doesn't help when I don't notice a Splat Bomb pooped on to the tower, I suppose.

I get a couple of splats and think maybe I'm getting the hang of things again, only to be splatted within a couple of seconds. And still we haven't progressed the tower any amount. On top of that, there are blue Beakons all over the place that no one else seems to notice or want to take care of. argh

Fine, I'll do what I can myself. And in the last minute, we take control of the tower, I remember my Bubbler, and my squidmates decide that we do want to win after all.

It's a win, but, damn, I can't say I enjoyed myself through most of the battle.

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