Tactical Rainmaker

4th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Look at me, using Beakons. Like a pro! They suck up so much ink, though, I don't know how other inklings do it so consistently. A splat with a Killer Wail too, although the angle is pretty obvious. And I miss the E-litre, who promptly splats me through the Wail.

We have a good lead by that point, just over a minute in to the battle. Surely we can't lose it. And all looks okay for the next minute or so, even if trying to take on my opposite inkling with the Custom Dual Squelcher augmented by strength gear doesn't go so well.

Flanking routes work nicely in Mahi-Mahi resort, more so in Rainmaker than the other Ranked battle modes, I would say. Splatting the E-litre a couple of times, and following up with the Rainmaker is always a good result. But sometimes, once they see you, you can't shake them.

The green team end up getting relatively close to looking like they could squid their way to victory. I take a splat for the team in taking out the Rainmaker and that pesky E-litre again, and a squidmate does the right thing by grabbing the Rainmaker and going for a swing. Victory for us!

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