Harassing the chargers in Tower Control

5th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Riding the tower in S Rank Tower Control just isn't working for me. And with two chargers on the other team, I sense it wont this battle either.

New plan! Take out the chargers. It's an audacious goal, and one that is just as likely to frustrate as entertain, but splatting one charger on his high perch as the battle starts convinces me that it is achievable.

I don't entirely ignore the objective, but mostly because the tower just happens to be in my way at one point. And the chargers don't leave me unscathed. But considering our weapon types, I think I do a bloody good job of giving them hassle.

Perhaps I should focus on running around being a nuisnace in Tower Control, rather than obstinately riding the tower.

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