Playing my part in Tower Control

5th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm trying out the new plan of being a nuisance, and mostly ignoring the tower in Tower Control. At least, at S Rank.

Of course, this plan assumes that I can be a nuisance, and not just be splat-bait for the other team. Still, riding the tower makes me splat-bait by default, so hopefully some increased mobility will be to my benefit.

I get in to a good stride half-way through the battle. Chasing, splatting, and basically being an impediment to getting anywhere for the other team.

I lose my mojo after the excellent spell of being trouble, but just knowing I was a pest spurs me on to continue trying. It seems to help the team as well, which is good, as well as improving my opportunities and mood, which is better.

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