Doing what I can in Tower Control

6th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Taking my different approach to S-Rank Tower Control again, and not going straight for the tower on Piranha Pit. Instead, a bit of scout, and a bit of hunting. I think I do quite well, splatting a Roller and avoiding a Bubbler, although I lose track of a couple of squids in the ink.

I also assume the Bubbler is from a Splattershot Jr, apparently having forgotten the Mini Splatling from the battle's introduction. Silly me, and it gets me splatted.

I try my conveyer belt jump next, but there's not only no one there, but a squidmate has that platform covered with a Suction Bomb. Never mind, moving on. Or backwards, as I get splatted. At least my team is doing well with the tower. My first ride has me disrupted and Rollered.

Splat from above from the Roller! But not quite! I somehow get a mutual splatting out of that, which works for me, as my team are riding the tower to the goal. I have enough time waiting to respawn to give them a 'Nice!' They deserve it.

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