How did we claim the Splat Zones?

9th September 2016 – 7.00 am

The gear balance update is here, so it's time to put on some shades for the last-ditch effort. I reckon the other team will nearly always have their counter below 30, so I'll get some good use out of them.

The new Bomb Sniffer effect seems good too. I liked the old version too, so this is just a good excuse to wear a different version of the shoes.

With the new clothes comes a new weapon choice, the Slosher Deco. This is more a reaction to Port Mackerel being one of the two maps, and the Ranked mode being Splat Zones. The Slosher should be able to spread ink around, and the Splash Wall should help cordoning off the corridors.

Of course, I find myself mostly in Walleye Warehouse, and with bad aim for the Splash Wall, but never mind. It's also been an age since I've used the Kraken, and the first time it pops I forget how to jump. That's embarrassing.

We're also dominated for the first part of the battle. I think this is going to be another frustrating evening (in fact, it is, and this is the only battle I care to publish), but somehow my team turns the situation around.

I like to think my new shades helped, or my trying different routes and tactics. But I think it was pretty much just my squidmates who got the victory.

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