Being useful at last in Tower Control

13th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Finally, I have a game where I get in to some kind of groove. Sure, I chase the E-litre 3K around for longer than I probably should have (how many times do I have to hit him anyway?), but at least I get rid of his piercing laser beam from my squidmates. And I lose track of the bucket under the Killer Wail, and then get sloshed again, but I'm feeling positive.

I start to manoeuvre better, back out of an engagement I am not positive of winning, and start surviving a bit better. How about that.

I think it helps that the other team aren't quite as overpowering as previous teams. Or maybe I am actually having a positive effect on the battle.

Waiting for the E-litre 3K to come to me was a bit devilish, but remembering my Bubbler so many times makes a really nice change. So I have a battle I feel good about, for the first time this session.

This is probably a good time to call it a night.

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