Losing sight of the Rainmaker

14th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

My plan is to go after that Splatterscope at the start of the battle. I think I know a quick way to the perch. My plan works too! I splat the Splatterscope, and get a second splat when moving on. My squidmates even get the Rainmaker and advance it healthily.

Getting the Rainmaker back after it's lost is a bit more of a problem. Of course, I should have watched my back in that spot, and I knew that, I just hoped that I would break the shield sooner.

I go back to my flanking plan, hoping to catch out the opposition whilst laying down some good ink paths. I manage the inking, but the Splatterscope evades me, and the Rainmaker is taken almost to our podium. My time could probably have been better spent.

The best I can do now is concentrate on the objective and hope we get a dunking. It looks like it's going to happen too! At least, my squidmates are carrying it really close, according to my gamepad, but my 'Nice!' is early. We still have tim to keep trying.

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