Trying my best in Rainmaker

15th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

After a fair start to the session, everything goes to pot. I try the Splatterscope, Tri-slosher Nouveau, Aerospray RG, and Dual Squelcher all to little effect. The other inklings are just all over me, and I'm getting very frustrated.

I swap back to the Splattershot Jr, my first choice of weapon for the evening, to try to salvage some dignity. Naturally, we have a Dynamo Roller to overpower me from nowhere. But I try to stay positive.

I'm trying to stay out of direct harm and be a bit more sensible with my actions. I would say that works, but only when I remember. Dislodging the Splatterscope is a good move, and splatting the Inkzooka is just delicious. Actually splatting the Splatterscope is also satisfying. But that Dynamo Roller is annoying.

I don't mind so much getting pushed in to the water when Bubbled, as I get the Carbon Roller first, which is a fair trade for me. But missing the squid swimming past me as I attempt to ink a path for the Rainmaker, and so fail to protect the Rainmaker, is unfortunate.

Oh well, back to A+.

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