First battle in Hoverboard Splatfest

21st September 2016 – 7.00 am

I start the Hoverboard Splatfest with a safe, comfortable weapon, the Splash-o-Matic. I will switch a few times, particularly as Moray Towers is one of the maps, but it's good to get a decent start.

First battle is on Saltspray Rig, a map that I like, but where circumstances can go quite wrong. It goes well to start with, and my vantage point is found.

A bomb threat flies towards me, but I evade it easily and deal with inkling responsible. I even dodge an Inkzooka, and a squidmate splats that inkling holding it. The battle is going well.

I don't manage to stay where I want to, though, and there follows the spirited battle to get back there. I don't quite manage to rout the other team, although I have fun trying.

I stay down the on the lower levels after that, because they need to be inked and it's embarrassing to lose a Turf War battle when holding the top but not the bottom. And we get a decent win, which is a good start!

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