Poor aim in Hoverboard Splatfest

25th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Using a shooter on Saltspray Rig sees me make a beeline for the higher ground, trying to hold it. Using a charger, on the other hand, makes me think I can be of more use holding the lower turf, and from the comfort of our base level.

I can cover plenty of turf, ink over any opponent incursions, and hopefully keep the lower part of the rig covered.

The Inkbrush makes a bit of a fool of my aiming, but that's kinda the point, so I shouldn't feel bad about that. And when he's gone, it looks like I have little more to do, so I move up. That gets me more ink to turf, but puts me under more threat.

When I am inevitably splatted, I go back to the first plan, which really needs some attention again. And again the Inkbrush evades me, but this time form mostly standing still. How embarrassing.

At least I keep the turf mostly covered in teal ink, which is the ultimate goal. And I pick the right spot of orange ink that the Inkbrush rests in. That'll do.

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