Slightly better aim in Hoverboard Splatfest

25th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Saltpray Rig again, with the Splatterscope. I will try to keep to the higher ground and keep our turf inked. I will also try to splat more inklings, and not simply miss them again and again.

It's a good start, with a nice stationary traget for me to aim at, and a compliant Roller to wander in to my Splat Bomb. And the jetpac team are doing a good job with infiltrating our territory, keeping my inking duties busy.

That Dual Sqeulcher is doing a good job of suppressing me. Or maybe I am doing a good job of keeping mobile under the pressure. I'm not doing a great job of splating him, but also not a poor one either.

So boosted am I at my survival that I head off from our base vantage point to ink turf further from home. Look at me, being so brave with ten seconds to go!

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