Keeping the opposition busy in Tower Control

30th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

I like riding the tower. I try to do it when I can. But sometimes it seems that playing support is a better idea. I don't always decide what I'm going to do when the battle starts, but I know what my first move is. In this case, I want to go down the side and see if I can catch some inklings unaware.

My opening move doesn't quite work. A second charger splats me. But now I have decided to take out that E-litre 3K sitting on that ledge. He's a danger, and I think I can sneak underneath him.

I'm not enitrely wrong about being able to sneak under the E-litre 3K, but his Luna Blaster squidmate splats me just as I get close to surprising the charger. But now I am going for a support role. Besides, my squidmates have the tower.

After three early splats, I try to get a bit smarter, or keep better awareness. I manage to sneak under the E-litre 3K's radar, splat the blaster, and the squiffer. I may actually do okay here.

Getting in to a bit of cat-and-mouse with the squiffer is some good fun, more so when I realise that my Bubbler is charged. Instead of turning tail and fleeing when his Bubbler pops, I pop mine and continue the chase. It takes a bit longer, but I get my inkling.

Of course, taking out just one of their side isn't a great trade when I am out of the battle too, but hopefully I cause enough disruption and distraction to help my squidmates ride the tower for long enough.

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