Going for a rampage in Splat Zones

4th October 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm having a bad time this evening. I can't get my normal choices of weapons to work for me. I'm getting a little frustrated, which calls for a more radical change than just the weapon.

I pick the Splash-o-Matic and decide to mostly ignore the objective, and instead try to go on a rampage, pretending that I'm in a support role.

The rampage starts well, splatting three of the four yellow inklings, and going back for seconds half-a-minute later. Whilst this happens, my squidmates take the Splat Zones and give us a handy lead. But I won't be distracted. I'm squidding around trying to be disruptive first and foremost, so that's what I continue doing.

I get more splats, and splatted rather more than I would like, but I end the battle strongly. Even so, I should get some rampaging tips from the Slosher on our team. 12-0! That's a rampage.

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