Skirmishing in Splat Zones

4th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

My not-quite-a-rampage worked well in the previous battle, so that's my strategy for this one too. I think a skirmishing approach will be necessary too, with that E-litre 3K in the other team.

Thankfully, I catch the E-litre 3K looking the other way immediately, and her reaction is to run in to my Splash-o-Matic. That'll do. Our paths cross again soon enough, but this time I am the one failing to get out of her sights. I need to be a little bit more cunning.

Not running headlong in to an Inkzooka is less cunning than a simple precaution. Splatting the Inkzooka a bit later is satisfying, but would have been moreso had I not got splatted at the same time. But I seem to trade splats more often than not. The Roller splats me as he runs in to a Suction bomb, but I splat him before he can splash me when jumping.

Me and the E-litre 3K run in to each other a couple more times. The first, we trade splats. That's fair enough, even if I should try to avoid it still. The second time, I get under her sights and have her panic-fire to escape. That shouldn't work, not with a well-placed Suction Bomb. But it seems the bomb is defective, and she gets away anyway. I want my money back.

At the end of the battle, I boldly make my way up to the perch outside the purple base, but there is no E-litre 3k up there. And I think someone is following me. No problem! I retrace my steps, find no one on my tail, but see the E-litre 3k drop on to the conveyer belt, blissfully unaware of me.

One last splat for me. I'm happy with that.

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