Bubbling for the goal in Tower Control

5th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Trying to ride the tower immediately on Blackbelly Skatepark is disrupted by finding a Suction Bomb where I want to be. Pausing only has me awkwardly fall from the central column, where I am splatted without getting a splat myself. Not the greatest start to the battle.

My next splat is mutual, at least, but I think maybe it shouldn't be. My sloshing should have beaten the Roller's flick, but never mind.

I return to help ride the tower, super-jumping to a conscientious squidmate. We get around the corner before hitting resistance. I get pushed off the tower, which actually saves me a splatting, and can get back on to continue the ride.

My squidmates return, either squidding quickly or super-jumping, and I am franticly trying to ink turf to charge my Bubbler. Finally it charges, and I get to protect us all as we push the Tower to its goal. Woomy!

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