Ink flies in Tower Control

6th October 2016 – 7.00 am

A bit of a runaround on the tower to start with, as an N-ZAP chases me. Neither of us really wins. Even during that short time, there is blue in everywhere on our side of the map, which is a situation I think needs correcting.

Having inked the turf purple, I press forwards to cover the tower's route, and get a splat on the N-ZAP, with some appreciated help. We recover the tower, I decide to play a support role instead of riding it, and I get splatted immediately. Not the best support.

Time to go flanking for a bit. I deal with a couple of inklings looking to ink the turf their colour, and even use a Disruptor efficiently. Maybe I can get the hang of them! Thankfully, whilst I am swanning around all over the place, my squidmates are riding the tower. This makes me think I can continue skirmishing, so I do.

Trying to support the tower gets me splatted in super-quick time, so I again try to flank our opponents. That has me accidentally supporting the tower, but successfully, which is good. With that, I end up riding the tower, doing quite well until I am thoroughly overwhelmed.

But we've secured a strong lead, and even a last-minute push from the other team doesn't get far. I get a final splat, and ride the tower as the clock ticks down.

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