Taking back the tower in Tower Control

6th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

New tactic for Blackbelly Skatepark Tower Control. My Tri-slosher can get me to the tower really quickly, but I have been doing that in each game this session so far. Instead, I aim to outflank the opponents from the start. It would help if I knew how to squid. Or if the other team were all bunched up, like they might be if this were Rainmaker. Never mind.

I revert to trying to support the tower. But super-jumping only super-jumps me in to a splat, as it often does. Back to support! I get the jump on one inkling, and turn to get the other, noticing a bit too late that they have Bubblers active. Oops.

Our lead looks stable, if not convincing, right up to the point where we lose it. Now we have to try a bit harder to ride the tower. Or my squidmates do. I'm too busy getting splatted to be on the tower. But getting splatted lets me squid down the middle of the map without being noticed, and behind the back of the final channel.

The green team don't see me and my Tri-slosher until it is far too late, and I splat a couple of them from behind, happily charging my Bubbler as I do. My squidmates on the tower have taken care of the rest of the green inklings, which leaves us free to ride the tower to the goal, Bubbled for protection. Woomy!

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