Getting inky in Rainmaker (7-8, Tri-slosher)

10th October 2016 – 7.00 am

More Tri-sloshing on Rainmaker, this time in Museum d'Alfonsino. I try for a falnking manoeuvre again to start with, after a previous battle that reminded me of the extra blocks, and it nearly works. I get a splat, but it's mutual.

I like the route, though, so I tend to use it frequently in this battle. I make a diversion when I see the blue Rainmaker in the middle of opposition territory, though, and my uncharacteristic mobility and Bubbler use gets me a couple of splats and the Rainmaker. I don't get far.

I try for some trick squidding for a bit, going for wall jumps. They would have paid off too, had the Roller not turned in to a Kraken. Undeterred, I keep going. Getting splatted by a Splat Bomb thrown by an inkling just recovering ink and throwing Splat Bombs is a bit of a lazy move, though.

Flanking the opposite route looks like it may pay off at one point, until I accidentally pick up the Rainmaker just as I Bubble. Oops. And my aim with the Disruptor still needs work, as I keep hitting obstacles.

I get to the podium in the last minute, sans Rainmaker, but it lets me be a bit disruptive, and get a good view for the countdown. Not a knockout, but a good victory, with the other team never being in control.

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