Mildly disrupting the Splat Zones (7-9, Tri-slosher)

12th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Maybe I should only upload the first part of this battle. I think I do rather well, particularly with it being my first battle of the evening. Well, okay, once I find my way around Ancho-V Games Splat Zones again, remembering that dead end.

Splatting that Luna Blaster was good, but my ink coverage and his movement made me feel either laggy or slow. Following up with the Mini Splatling was actually pretty good too, I think.

A couple of splats later, and it seems I'm back to being average. Or at least predictable enough to be splatted easily. And low on ink. A dive down to the lower floor is hilarious, caused by an uninked portion of the turf slowing my squid down. Routing around that just gets me splatted, so I go back to the earlier route and just lay down some more ink. Obvious, really.

Splatting the Mini Splatling as he squids up to me, as I'm in his turf, was lucky but fun. Not avoiding the Dynamo Roller by keeping on backing away was just silly. But we are holding the turf, and as I respawn I pause for the counter to tick down so I can give a 'Nice!' without being permature for once.

It's a lead we hold on to, which is good. Not a knockout maybe, but a good victory, and a good start to the evening. I do like my little Tri-slosher.

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