Finding my spot in Splat Zones (1-0, Slosher)

13th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Switching weapons away from the Tri-slosher to find another I can use effectively has me only going as far as the Slosher. Not a great variety this session, admittedly, but the ability to spread ink over a large area quickly seems like a good feature for Splat Zones battles.

The two maps are Flounders Heights and Ancho-V Games too, both of which seem good for the Slosher. Indeed, in this battle on Ancho-V Games, I find a good spot for the Slosher. And stay there.

I can slosh ink down on the Splat Zones, and splash the fan to keep myself somewhat out of touch, whilst also raining ink down on any approaching inklings. It seems pretty effective, although I imagine I owe more to my squidmates than to my Slosher.

A quick victory for our team. I think I inked the Splat Zones and provided some support. But maybe I was just lazy and cheesy.

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