Skating around the park in Tower Control (12-4, Splatterscope)

14th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Blackbelly Skatepark. I don't know how my charging skills will fare on this map, but I'm sure there is potential.

I remember a decent perch as we start and make my way there, moving on as required, and bidding a hasty retreat when it starts going pear-shaped. At least I survive that bit.

The tower comes our way, and I try to stop it, without much success. I get caught up in a Splat Bomb Rush, Luna Blaster, and Roller splash.

I make my way back to the perch, and maybe panic a little as it looks like the previous splat is about to repeat itself. It doesn't, so I return, but pause as the blue team takes control of the tower once more.

A thrown Splat Bomb bags me a splat and charges my special, letting me unleash a rush of Splat Bombs, wresting control of the tower away from the blues. Not bad.

I get a lucky shot at 3'32", splatting the inkling climbing the side of the tower. I meant to do it, but I didn't think I would. I follow-up that slice of gold with some spatial awareness, seeing the inkling trying to flank me. I wait for him, and splat him. Oh yeah.

To end, I roll a Splat Bomb on to the blue tower, splatting the pair of inklings on there. One final blue push, in extra time, and I cover their ink, to prevent easy access, and splat two inklings on the tower to clear it and end the game, a victory for us. Woomy!

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