Finding our own way of having fun in Rainmaker (2-9, Splatterscope)

29th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

After a couple of average battles, I get to one where I simply can't get a foothold. I am out-classed, can't even hold turf, and am splatted from unexpected directions too often for me to be having any fun.

My mood drops steadily, until I finally have had enough. I can't compete in this battle, and I see no point in continuing. I'm sorry for my squidmates, but, then, I'm really not making much of a difference.

Also note that, by the time I've given up, our team hasn't progressed the Rainmaker beyond the initial two-point minimal lead I took with an early carry.

As in previous S-Rank battles, I put my gamepad down and ponder on the decisions I made, and how I hope I'm not annoying my squidmates. But what is this? One of them isn't moving from the spawn either.

I pick up my gamepad again and do what comes naturally. We make our own fun!

A third squidmate joins in, because this is actually better than being stomped on. Our fourth is actually making a really good effort at carrying the Rainmaker as we head towards the end of the battle. But he, too, decides to join us. Or at least see what we're doing, bringing the Rainmaker all the way back home.

Not a great battle for me, but the spirit of my squidmates cheers me up immensely. I hope they ended up having fun too.

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