Mostly sucking at Splat Zones (6-8, Wasabi Splattershot)

30th October 2016 – 7.00 am

I've been battling with the Splatterscope mostly out of spite, thinking it would suck me out of S Rank quicker, but I appear to be treading water. Fine, I'll mix it up, so that things don't get stale, and try some new weapons.

And not just my previous weapons, but some of the new weapons. After a couple of poor battles, I end up with the Wasabi Splattershot, thinking that my familarity with the Splat Bomb and the ability of the Inkstrike to cover lots of turf should be good in Splat Zones. Even so, I'm still playing against inklings much better than me.

I get some decent splats here and there, and the Inkstrike does come in handy for covering the Splat Zones. I still get somewhat frustrated from being splatted and suppressed for most of the battle. But I'm trying.

My efforts seem to contribute too, which is good. My being splatted down the side alley at least holds up the other inklings, and I generally take one of them out as I go.

The best bit of the battle is the last stand we make, as we head in to overtime. I particularly like my risky choice to launch an Inkstrike in to the Splat Zone from inside the Splat Zone. Quite the comeback!

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