Decent sloshing in Spongebob Splatfest (1171p, 5-5, Slosher)

2nd November 2016 – 7.00 am

A bit of a stalled beginning to this battle for me. Sure, I ink some turf, but I get a bit muddled by bumping in to the ramp, trying to ink walls, and running out of ink. Even trying to ink the box at my feet goes poorly. But it's okay, I don't think anyone noticed.

I can get back in to a groove soon enough, and am both inking plenty of turf and getting myself a few splats. I do mostly okay with staying out of trouble too. I run in to it occasionally, which is pretty much how I approach being a squid, but at least it doesn't overly skew my splats.

My fellow Slosher inkling, with the Soda variant, has been a great squidmate for the past handful of battles. She disappears after this battle, though, and her absence is noticed.

That's okay, she helped me pick up my game and get some positive battles. Here's to excellent squidmates!

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