Fighting back in Spongebob Splatfest (896p, 5-5, Wasabi Splattershot)

3rd November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I go for a change of weapon, swapping to the Wasabi Splattershot for a change of pace. This battle goes against us pretty quickly. I don't know what my squidmates are doing, but it probably isn't fair to blame them for the other team being good.

We are pushed back to the upper tier of our base, and it looks like we're stuck there, unless we can get rid of the yellow team. I don't think we can, though, which is why they are there to start with.

But I like Bluefin Depot, and know the routes in and out quite well. I take advantage of that knowledge, and my understanding the need to ink and move quickly when trying to escape, and leave them to ink our base yellow. I'll try to make theirs pink.

I make it to their base and although maybe don't quite wreak havoc I at least get their attention. Hopefully the pressure is off my squidmates a bit, but looking at the gamepad I don't think it is.

I make another dash for the yellow base, and dash in to the Splatling. That's okay, as I splat him back, and a second yellow inkling that rushes forwards in to us. Maybe not a productive way to end the battle, but it was very lost by that point, and two extra splats inflate my numbers nicely.

It occurs to me, looking back, that dashing across the map and getting out of a held base would be a good time to use the 'To me!' call. Squidmates can super-jump out of being cornered. I should remember that.

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