Fighting back in Splat Zones (10-8, Soda Slosher)

7th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

The Soda Slosher is a nifty weapon. I need to get used to the Inkzooka, although I do seem to get some easy-mode splats just by firing it, which is fun. It also sloshes ink everywhere, much as it is supposed to, which is good for Splat Zones.

I do miss the Tri-slosher a little, but mostly when it is pitted against me, and definitely when it is pitted against me and pops its Bubbler.

There is the usual kerfuffle for the Splat Zones at the start of the battle, and everything looks about equal overall. But the purple team gets a suction cup in our turf and manages to stay there.

It's a little frustrating that we can't get even our own Splat Zone back, until I realise what's happening. All of the purple team are fighting us for it, as are all of our team. That leaves their Splat Zone uncontested. Fine for them, as it is purple, but completely open for us. We just need to get there, and we can stop their counter.

I sneak around the side and, sure enough, take control of their Splat Zone. Of course, we still need to re-capture our own Splat Zone before we start making a positive move to victory, but at least their counter has been stopped.

Given their mid-battle dominance, the result is not much of a surprise. But I get a good number of splats and, hopefully, made a positive difference to the battle. That'll do me.

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