Going for the E-litre in Splat Zones (6-8, Soda Slosher)

7th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm trying a new bucket, the Soda Slosher, for Splat Zones. The Slosher has worked well for me in Splat Zones before, and I really just want to try a new weapon.

The Splat Bomb sub is familiar enough, but I've never really got to grips with the Inkzooka. I suppose I don't need to use it, but I also suppose I won't get better if I don't at least try.

But before I think about the Inkzooka, there's an E-litre 3K on the other team. She'll no doubt sit on her perch and spread ink and splat squidmates with relative impunity, unless someone causes her to at least move occasionally. I think the Slosher is a good weapon to achieve that.

I don't just go for the E-litre 3K, of course, but I seem to have better luck when I do. Maybe I should have concentrated on the Splat Zones when not forcing the E-litre 3K to hide.

Either way, I think I have a decent battle, at least until the last minute.

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