Not really getting to grips with the Octobrush in Rainmaker (7-14, Octobrush Nouveau)

12th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm sticking with the Octobrush Nouveau, probably for a bit. This is my second battle with it, and I obviously don't have the hang of it yet. Don't let that first splat fool you. But of course I don't have the hang of the brush yet, because it will take time.

Also of course, it is more difficult to get the hang of a new weapon when your opponents are trying their best to make using any weapon difficult. And when I still have an urge to squid headlong in to Rainmaker charges.

I am getting better at knowing when I've not actually picked up the Rainmaker, though, which is good. And I get another triple splat, two in two battles, both times bagging the Rainmaker. That I splat myself against the Rainmaker's shield afterwards is of no consequence.

I think I get splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield and other effects more than any direct attack. Is that embarrassing? Probably. Never mind. I'll keep practicing.

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