Sloshing all over the Splat Zones (9-2, Tri-slosher)

3rd December 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm enjoying the Tri-slosher in Splat Zones tonight! One battle has been a dud, but it was exciting, so I continue. I do like to keep moving forwards. That doesn't serve me too well when running in to a Dual Squelcher, though. Which I do twice.

Still, after those early incidents, I get in to a decent groove. Noticing the Squiffer is too high for me to reach and backing off is a good decision, and splatting the Inkzooka is always a pleasure. And avoiding the Splat Bomb Rush called for some good manoeuvring!

But let's not forget my squidmates, who control the Splat Zones and press forwards, so that we control most of the map for a chunk of the battle. So much turf control gives us good movement, and with a bit of awareness we keep the Splat Zones purple. I even help out my Kraken chum when the charger they're after sinks in to the ink.

The counter ticks relentlessly down and, with but a brief pause, gives us a knockout victory with plenty of time to spare. Woomy!

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