Fierce fight over the Splat Zones (16-10, Tri-slosher)

9th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

What a great start to this Splat Zones battle! I make it to the Splat Zones, ink a bunch of turf, and get some decent splats. I even catch the tail end of a Kraken, probably disappointing him a little. What would have made it perfect would be catching both the Inkzooka and the charger with my sloshing, but you can't have it all.

When I am back as an inkling, the battle continues on the front tentacle for us, as we keep the Splat Zones inked and I manage to evade another Kraken. But those inked walls should give me pause for thought. As an unseen Splat Bomb reduces me to yellow ink, a certain Carbon Roller is about to cause me some grief.

That first splat looked a bit unfair, but at least I got him too. I start covering over the vertical surfaces too, but not before wreaking a bit more havoc thanks to some good manoeuvring. But I fail to watch my sides and am splatted again. And again, when the fast flick of the Carbon Roller catches me.

Back in to my groove, I get my Disruptor and Bubbler working for me, bagging me some splats, before the Carbon Roller gets his revenge. I aim to get it back, but he is too quick to see my threat and drops down a level, where my aim lets me down.

We trade splats for a bit, as it looks like we're going to win. But the yellow team take control of the Splat Zones as the clock ticks down, pushing us in to extra time. And although I think we're in a good position, it seems that my team are too focussed on splats than recovering the Splat Zones.

And so it goes. I think all we needed was a bit more ink spread over the right area, but it's well played by the yellow team for making us lose focus.

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