Vital last push in Tower Control (14-10, Tri-slosher)

12th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I now know the extra inkable blocks in Museum d'Alfonsino, and I aim to use them. Unfortunately, my first effort runs me beak-first in to a Heavy Splatling. Me and my bucket aren't going to come out of that one well.

I survive the second encounter, although I don't realise for a second, as I am backed in to a corner at the time. And, after feeling the full force of a Dynamo Roller in the back, I try to get back the Tower when a Kraken is climbing it.

I'm facing an uphill struggle against some formidable weapons. Two Dynamo Rollers and a Heavy Splatling are not to be sneezed at, and the short range of the Tri-slosher will require some nifty manoeuvring to get close to them without getting me splatted in the process.

My manoeuvring mostly relies on my getting behind the purple team, which, thankfully, I tend to practice anyway. I also get the odd bit of luck, and the help of my Bubbler, when I stay unsplatted for long enough to charge it.

I can't just squid around looking for splats, though. We are quite a way behind in the battle, and we aren't riding the Tower for long at any one time. But as the battle is close to ending, and the Tower in the centre, we look to have one last attempt in us.

I squid off to the side, hoping to flank the opponents and give the inklings on the Tower more ink-free time. But my Bubbler charges. That would be better used on the Tower. I squid back, activate the Bubbler, share it around, and, well, try to jump off and go ahead, Bubbler protecting me, but I miss the jump.

Did I pop the Bubbler too soon? Will my failed jump come back and bite me in the cloaca? We're in extra time, and this is our last push for the win.

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