Yes, no, yes! It's Tower Control (11-11, Tri-slosher)

12th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

As usual, I blast beak-first in to the opposition. And, as usual, I get splatted without much to show for it. I will learn one day. At least this tactic mostly works for getting the Tower under our control. I even get lucky, and the Tower doesn't start returning to the centre just as I make my jump.

Even so, that's a big early lead the other team have. Getting it to that corner in the first place isn't entirely straightforward, with potentially the entirety of the other team swarming on top of you. But we do it, albeit with some rather embarrassing failed jumps by yours truly, saved only by getting on the Tower late enough to be the only inkling left unsplatted.

Hopefully we don't have to do much more than defend a pretty good position now, although pushing the Tower forwards is a better defence than sitting back and letting the other team control it.

Thirty seconds to go, it's looking okay. Twelve seconds to go, less okay, as our lead is beaten. Now we have the Tower deep in our territory and the clock has gone in to extra time. We have one last attempt to do better than our current best. Can we do it?

I'm really not doing well with my jumps around the Tower in this battle. But I do a bang up job of spearheading our advance. Woomy!

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