Inking the way for the Rainmaker (4-2, Tri-slosher)

13th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I try to both charge my Bubbler a bit and come from an unexpected angle at the start of this Rainmaker battle. I suppose they both work, at least a bit. I catch a purple inkling from behind, not that I get the splat, but I don't get my Bubbler fully charged, so the second inkling splats me back. I get my Disruptor thrown, though, slowing him down for a few seconds.

Hiding in a corner works again, although it takes me a second to realise I'm not splatted. And that itself is only for a second too. With my flying goggles on, I try to make use of my Disruptor, catching a Roller nicely. I would have been splatted had I not done that.

Oh right, the Rainmaker. Other squidmates are happy to carry it this time, which is good for everyone. It also lets me make good use of my Tri-slosher, climbing the structures to slosh ink down from above. My Bubbler can help massively too, and when I see the opportunity I take some pressure off my squidmates.

The path ahead is clear for a short while, and you need to make the most of these opportunities. I forge ahead, inking a path, with the Rainmaker right behind me. Or right to the side of me. I provide the support that's needed: ink. Lots of ink.

I ink the path up the blocks, saving our Rainmaker carrier precious time in not having to charge an ink blast. He makes a little path for himself, and I make sure the podium is just the right colour. I have to say, helping dunk the Rainmaker is just about as good a feeling as dunking it yourself. Woomy!

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