Laying down the pink in World Splatfest (1291p, 10-3, Tri-slosher)

15th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've already tried a handful of weapons, including my old Turf War favourite the Splash-o-matic, and got just about nowhere. Laggy games and disconnects don't help. Even so, nothing's working at the moment, so to give myself a kickstart I opt for the Tri-slosher.

Those chargers on the other team could pose a problem for us, so they are my target. There is a fairly reliable opening gambit against a charger on Piranha Pit, but it requires the charger not to be expecting it. Thankfully in this case, it works. One charger down. But they respawn, of course.

Not only do I splat a charger on a perch, but I turn around to find another oblivious to me. A bit of evasion on both counts ends with a splat, and I move on to find another couple of inklings, just when my Bubbler gets charged to. You know, I think this battle has started quite well.

I lay down some ink, take the less-travelled route back to the top, and bag another splat. The 'Nice!' is for my squidmate splatting the charger aiming at me.

We look to be doing well, but we cant ignore the turf. In my case, not ignoring the turf has my not seeing a laser sight, and I am splatted. Never mind, moving on. Again, I look to keep the chargers from being a nuisance, and use my Disruptor to good effect to help with that too.

In the end, it's a comfortable victory, with lots of splats and lots of turf inked. Finally, A decent battle in this Splatfest. If only it were against the opposition and not a friendly.

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