Painting the world blue in World Splatfest (1337p, 7-2, Tri-slosher)

16th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with the Tri-slosher as long as the team sticks together. Why break up a good thing? No chargers this time, so I take my time building up my Bubbler charger. And, again, trying to make good use of my Disruptor. It's really powerful when used well.

Dropping down to the bottom of the Pit has me pausing to recover ink, and see if I'm not being followed. Nope. Back to inking, and up to the top. I miss out interrupting an Inkstrike launch, but that's okay. I'll just cover over more ink with splatted inkling.

I get too close for comfort to the other inklings on a couple of occasions, but mostly am able either to keep range, use a Disruptor, or slosh ink in the right place to stay safe.

It's a comfortable win again, which balances out all the poor losses I'm also suffering. At least for the most part I am now having bags of fun in each battle.

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