Pressing hard for the podium in Rainmaker (12-5, Splatterscope)

23rd December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I can't stay away from the Splatterscope. Sometimes I even have a good battle with it. And I think I prefer the plain Splatterscope than the Bento version, as the Splat Bombs come in far too useful, as I demonstrate early on. I also show that I can aim sometimes.

I'm not quite sure where the slosh that splatted me came from. Around the corner, I think. Never mind, brush myself off and back in to the fray. My squidmates are on the ball too, which helps a charger. If I am rarely pressed backwards, I can keep my eyes forwards.

They take the Rainmaker a decent distance too, enough to encourage the green team to reset it. That's no problem for my team, who just go back and get the Rainmaker again, taking it right back to where it was.

I make a slight retreat, realise I am actually in a good place, and turn back to get a nice splat, and to clear a Sprinkler. But that Slosher returns, and I have to leave for a bit. Only for a bit. I make my return and clear the path.

Another premature 'Nice!' or two is hopefully still motivational, but once again the green team resets the Rainmaker. Never mind, more splats, keep the inklings back, keep the turf purple. I'm not quite sure how I got those two splats when super-jumping, as my Splat Bomb didn't detonate on the Rainmaker's shield, but I'm cool with it.

Twenty seconds to go, giving me enough time for one more premature 'Nice!', one more splat, and one more Killer Wail dodge. I don't squeeze a shot between the gap to splat the Rainmaker, but, as always, a squidmate is there to ensure us the victory.

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