Owning the Splat Zones (5-0, Splatterscope)

26th December 2016 – 7.00 am

Not my best start to a battle on Museum d'Alfonsino, dropping off the platform instead of squidding, but never mind. It's encouraging to see my mature response to getting to the Splat Zones and seeing an inkling squid away. I don't give chase, or fire indiscriminately, and instead splat the Sprinkler and start covering over the purple ink.

I am planning to hold back and keep the turf inked, providing covering splats when required. But that Dual Squelcher is just inking over my shots as soon as I fire them, herself holding at a safe distance. It would be a good idea if I could push her further back.

As the rotating platform comes around, I take the opportunity and move to a more vulnerable position, but one with much further reach. It does indeed push the Dual Squelcher back, which was my intention. It also pushes the rest of the other team back, particularly with the help of a double splat.

I decide it best to fall back as an inkling charges towards me and I miss the shot, but with my Splat Bomb Rush as protection I am soon back on top of the platform. The purple team naturally try a different approach, but one that is still in reach and just as vulnerable.

With such a firm hold over the Splat Zones, the battle ends pretty quickly.

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