Causing trouble in Tower Control (16-7, Tri-slosher)

30th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm having that E-litre 3K. I squid hard to the ramp, and squid up and over to, well, see the E-litre is not where I expect him to be. He hasn't spotted me though, so a quick Disruptor, well-aimed this time, and a bit of persistence bags me my splat.

I doubt that will be my first run-in with the E-litre, but there are other squids too. And a Tower. Somewhere. I'm sure my team are taking care of that. Hey, there's the E-litre again! And again!

But I can't just focus on splats, not when the Tower is resetting. I try to be good and bring it back, which I do. I even pop my Bubbler to ride out the Killer Wail a little. But the E-litre 3K is actually a threat, so disembark to take care of him again.

The Tower disappears without me, having been splatted. The green team have a good go at pushing it forwards this time, and although they make decent progress we recover the Tower. This lets me be aggressive in their turf again.

Having confidence in my squidmates, I press high and keep the green inklings occupied. We make some excellent progress, and I get a fun double-splat. Another sighting of the E-litre has my realising the short range of the Tri-slosher and attempting the popular jump manoeuvre to overcome this. I'm not very good.

The E-litre turns in to a Kraken, and I somehow get away. But I do this by backing in to a Killer Wail. Not a good move. Still, the battle's almost over, and it's effectively won. Good battling, team!

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