Getting it together in Tower Control (13-10, Tri-slosher)

30th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

No charger on the other team, so I slow down my start to get more charge in to my Special. That's the plan, but blue splat from above has other ideas for me.

Trying to stop the Towers blue progress has a run-in with the Wasabi Splattershot. I'll get to know that squid quite a lot during this battle, and rarely on the positive end of an encounter.

Having our base's conveyer belt entirely blue will be an impediment, and it looks like we're losing the turf war, and so control over the Tower. Never the less, some squids better than me grab the Tower and don't let go.

I try to contribute the best way I know how, which is to run around and slosh ink everywhere, hopefully hitting some squids. And I do, quite a few of them. I even try to protect our charger, because I know they like that.

But the other inklings that like protection are those on the Tower. I refocus my attention to where the Tower is and where the blue inklings are around the Tower. I think it helps.

I even jump on to the Tower, in a way that really does look like I am stealing the glory, particularly as one inkling takes a splat for me. But I don't bail out at the first sign of blue ink, and ride the Tower to the goal. For the team. Woomy!

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