Taking one for the team in Tower Control (7-1, Tri-slosher)

4th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I go back to the Tri-slosher for a couple of battles, because I normally do well with it on Piranha Pit and Flounders Heights. Seeing the Splatterscope on the other team has my making my opening gambit of flying over the conveyer to engage it, but she's hanging back a bit too far.

Rather than waste my time, I move on, running straight in to a splat. That'll do. Circling back lets me go for the Splatterscope again, this time using a Disruptor to slow her down.

Opportunity knocks for another splat, and the Tower then stands before me, wanting to be ridden. I half-panic and activate my Bubbler, being near a squidmate, but it's a good decision. We feel the full force of a Dynamo Roller ink flick and survive.

The Tower is being taking care of, so I apply some more pressure. My gear gets very unfresh being covered with blue ink, but I survive and dunk myself to make it fresh again, turning back slightly to get another lucky splat.

The Tower trundles ever onwards, and we are all there for the finish. Well, most of us. The Dynamo Roll flings its ink down from above, and I'm in the way. That's fine, if my splat lets my squidmates keep the Tower, and they do. Woomy!

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