Splatting around the Rainmaker (9-6, Tri-slosher Nouveau)

6th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I forget how useful Seekers are in Rainmaker, and they've got better in general with their wider trail. They don't stop personal stupidity, though, and my eagerness to get past the Rainmaker, shield intact, is not my smartest moment.

I hopefully make up for that initial mistake immediately afterwards, with some aggressive sloshing of the opposition, pushing them back nicely. The next bit of sloshing doesn't bag me the splats I'm after, but does keep the green team occupied again.

One of us should probably get the Rainmaker. Like the green team do. And it's not just me, but that Rainmaker really did come at me too quickly, given that it was actually an Inkzooka.

But we do pick up the Rainmaker, and make really good progress. I head a different way and am able to ink up to the podium and suppress the respawning squids, but, sadly, am not as certain about the proximity of the Rainmaker as I thought.

After not seeing an Ink Mine in time, I am able to sneak around the back and catch the Rainmaker off-guard. That gives me the opportunity to carry the Rainmaker myself, but some pressure and an oncoming Bubbler makes the route look uninviting.

I go a different way, and try some strategic Rainmaker blasts, which work quite well. A Disruptor is my downfall, as I make a break for the podium, but that's okay. One more tussle in the middle of the map, and it's a victory for us.

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