Hey, I got a Blaster quad in Tower Control (11-8, Custom Blaster)

9th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm doing a bit better with the Blaster. Nothing great yet, but I still have to find my range. It doesn't help when battling against a Custom Range Blaster, but not realising it's a Range Blaster until you're blasted by it. I should stay a bit further back from that.

As is normal in the Museum, I try to out-flank the other team, but this only really works when there is a team lurking back there. Without any chargers, and with control of the Tower, the yellow team have pushed forwards. Okay, I'd better go that way too.

My aiming lets me down again, but that's okay. I think the Blaster's ink explosion will help me out, but it helps a lot more if I hit the target. The explosion helps more for indirect ink against blocked targets. A squidmate's Echolocator helps with timing direct hits too.

My quad starts at about 2'20", and takes over fifteen seconds to complete. But it counts! I splat the yellow team sequentially. I'm happy with that. Not quite so happy with being confronted by a Roller, Splat Bomb, and the Range Blaster all at the same time, but I really wasn't in the right place.

I am still unsure of the range of this thing. Splatting the flying Roller took two attempts, but watching it back I was probably just a bit out of range. That's okay, I can improve that. And at least I didn't rush forwards to get splatted!

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