Trying to be better than bad in Tower Control (15-7, Tri-slosher)

13th January 2017 – 7.00 am

My decline in rank seems inexorable. I thought I could sacrifice some points by practicing new weapons and easily gain them back, but once I hit A- it seems that I am stuck here. Even turning to my trusty Tri-slosher doesn't seem to help, as I lose battle after battle, getting barely acceptable results myself.

It seems clear that I won't just rise back up the ranks, by virtue of having once been in S Rank. There are other players battling to get back up there, and if they are more motivated than me they are going to win the battles. I need to start concentrating.

Rather than expect to win each encounter, or have an easy push of the Tower, I have to accept that I am battling against my peers. I'm sticking with my Tri-slosher, as I am comfortable with it, though I have to admit to seeing less variation in weapons in this rank, but plenty of Splattershots.

With my new-found concentration comes an excellent start to the battle. I ink turf, secure the inked turf, identify threats to the Tower, and help push the objective forwards. I even manage to jump on to the Tower at a well-timed moment, pop my Bubbler, and push it further for very healthy lead. Looking good for a victory!

We keep good control of the situation until well in to the second half of the battle, when the purple team start pushing the Tower. I help with defence, and think I can help a bit more by skirmishing a little too. It seems to work.

I get some good splats, throw some good Disruptors, and take control of the Tower to ensure that we aren't put in to extra time pressure. Hopefully this is the start of my ascent.

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