Riding the tower in Tower Control (5-2, Splatterscope)

23rd January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm really not that good with a charger, which I am proving tonight in A+ Rank Tower Control. Or perhaps other players are just much better than me, if there's a difference. Still, I need the practice, and don't want to rush back up to S Rank until I'm better, so a few losses here and there are fine.

I've had my few losses, and I still suck as a charger, but I can still contribute in my own way. For this battle, I decide that riding the Tower is a jolly good idea. I think it works too, even if I'm rarely at optimal Splatterscope range.

Avoiding the yellow Kraken was a good move, although I admit that I panicked a little when I didn't quickly notice that it was a purple one that jumped up next. Avoiding the Killer Wail was a good move too.

I've mentioned before that controlling the turf is important in all battle modes, but one yellow inkling is taking it a bit literally, and is just trying to be a pain. I suppose it makes sense, in that if we are dealing with the turf we are not dealing with the Tower, and I can't really argue against it. It doesn't stop it being a little frustrating.

When my aim lets me down against the lone inkling, I realise that I'm not helping, and dart away. That does the trick! Two splats, one a bit lucky, as I was aiming at the Sprinkler, and my squidmates have dealt with the lone inkling. Back to the Tower!

We get it further this time, and I use my Splat Bombs to good effect. And although it takes me a while to realise, I activate my Splat Bomb Rush to help too. I honestly think that I get splatted during the Rush, and am somewhat surprised to see my inkling self still standing on the Tower.

I get knocked off, but my squidmates get back on again. I think maybe my 'Nice!' is once again badly timed, but they've got it all under control.

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